Choosing the right electronics recycler to manager you company’s IT assets is a critically important decision. Selecting the wrong electronics recycler can mean exposing your company to data mismanagement and subjecting your company to serious legal and financial risk. Contracting with an R2 Certified electronics recycler, like CompuCycle, means peace of mind and knowing that your company’s IT assets are being managed responsibly, safely and securely when you are ready to dispose of them. We made a check list for you in order for you to make the right decision to recycle responsible with CompuCycle.

Electronics Recycling Program Checklist

Program reflects proper corporate stewardship:

  • Recycler is certified and compliant with all relevant local, state and federal regulations, legislation and guidelines.
  • Program promotes green initiative and environmental sustainability.
  • Program delivers fiscally responsible results:
  • Maximum return on assets.
  • Program can be utilized corporate wide.
  • Program eliminates risks associated with asset disposal:
  • Complete asset tracking and reporting with Certificates of Recycling or Disposal.
  • Certified data erasure and destruction with relevant reporting.
  • Universal end-of-life disposal.

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