TVs, cell phones, laptops and tablets are common gifts that millions of people receive every holiday season. While getting new gadgets is exciting, have you stopped to think about what happens to your old electronics? Sadly last year, 384,000,000 electronics ended up in landfills, exposing Americans to toxic chemicals.

If you plan on receiving new electronics this holiday season and want to retire your previous models, be sure to do so responsibly with CompuCycle! Check out the items we accept before dropping anything off, you might be surprised by what all we accept.

Once you’ve determined what items you are going to recycle, you can drop off your electronics at the CompuCycle facility during our normal business hours free of charge! We have two Saturday collection events left in the month of December where you can drop off your items. See our collection events calendar for all of the details. You can also go to to see all of the participating storage facilities that we are partnered with as drop off sites for electronics to be recycled. CompuCycle also guarantees all hard drive data is destroyed though our recycling process.

Encourage your friends and family members to recycle their unwanted electronic items as well. Make sure they know that when electronics are not responsibly recycled they can easily end up in landfills, releasing toxic elements into our air and water streams and CompuCycle makes it easy to recycle your electronics responsibly, safely and securely.

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